Thursday, January 7, 2010

Out and About

Hank has become Mommy's great little shopper. He takes a bottle on the go (since Lord knows I have a freezer full from the hospital). He loves to sleep in his little stroller, and it's like magic when he hits the carrier, he's out like a light!

The doctor said he is allowed to go shopping, to restaurants, and to places that aren't very crowded but he can't go to places that are crowded and germy like grocery stores, or church and to stay out of doctor office waiting areas! He said don't let any stranger touch the baby, I pretty much keep him out of sight at the stores, completely covered by the stroller umbrella and the carrier umbrella totally up. I look like Michael Jackson's family minus the glove and air masks. It looks like this....

Okay health update:
We went to meet with the surgeons on Monday and they said he looked awesome they took out a few stitches and he didn't even cry! They weighed him and he had gained so we were happy! They said he was doing outstanding and that at this point we shouldn't ever see them again. It was bitter sweet. We love Nurse Beth and Dr. Douglas they saved Hank's life. But we are glad that he is healthy enough that we shouldn't ever have to see them again. With the arterial switch Hank had it's a super BIG surgery but after they recover from it, they said he shouldn't ever have any other problems. We are SO BLESSED.

We also went back to see Dr. Edarlin at STEP Pediatrics in The Woodlands this week for his second check up, but this time just for a weight check. Last week he was 7.2 on the scale at his office so he wanted him to come back in a week... so we did and he had gained 8 ounces! He is now back to his birth weight WAY TO GO HANK!!! He's such a big boy!

Know therefore that the LORD your God is God; he is the faithful God,
keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations
of those who love him and keep his commands.
Deuteronomy 7:9


Anonymous said...


He is so cute. I am so happy everything is over now and you just get to enjoy your precious gift. He is going to be so fun! Kids are the best gift ever. Eric and I have no idea what we did before them. Thanks for sharing your story. Checking you blog has been become a daily activity for me.


Anonymous said...

I have become a daily checker as well. Love the little mans hat..super cute! So glad to hear he is doing sooo well! Blessing on you and your new little family. Children are such a blessing!