Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mr. Adorable

Took these last week, and haven't gotten a chance to post. This was his fussiest day yet, he was having bad gas pains, his poor tummy was hurting so bad. By the end of the day I forced the nurse to give him something.. the Mylicon and Gripe Water was not doing the trick. They had me bring a food journal in of my diet a few days later along with a dirty diaper so they could test it. He ended up having a bloody stool, not to the naked eye, but that basically meant it was something I was eating.... The top 3 things the doctor said causes this is Wheat, Dairy, and Citrus (like tomato). So I eliminating all 3 and he is literally a different baby. It is a very hard adjustment but totally worth it.

Hank is constantly rubbing that sweet head with one hand and the ear with his other.
It is so sweet.

He loves to be on his changing table not so much for the diaper change but he loves to look at the lights in his room, something about the distance from this angle.

I couldn't help but post this... poor baby, I was still trying to take his picture. He is saying
"Mom, enough already I am gonna scream my head off if you don't stop taking my picture.. now swaddle me and hold me tight, I need a nap."


Meghan said...

Soo funny,I noticed that last time I was over that he kept resting his hand on his head ... so sweet!
Love that little boy

(Mom) Donna said...

Hey guys,
I just love reading the things on your blog. Even though we talk everyday, there is so much I am missing. He is growing so fast! Love that little buddy!

Emily said...

Oh I feel for you with having to take all that out of your diet! I know it's really hard. When Hazel was about 3 months old, I could start consuming dairy again, and all those "gassy" veggies, like broccoli. Hang in there! You'll be surprised how fast this stage goes by!