Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's My Heart Family Walk for Hank

Derric and I were given a tote bag provided by "It's My Heart" with lots of goodies when we met with our social worker Kristel at the hospital. In this bag we were given a disposable camera, tissues, snacks, information about congential heart defects, and more. In our story we were lucky to only have them donate this goodie bag, but they also donate face masks for kids with low immune systems, legacy boxes for children's families who pass away, and so much more.

"It’s My Heart" provides strength and support for those affected by Heart Defects. Vision - It’s My Heart exists to provide support to and advocating for those affected by Acquired and Congenital Heart Defects. Through awareness, resources and education, It’s My Heart creates alliances and networks among families, groups, hospitals, and the community. Visit their website for more information:

When Dr. Douglas met with us after Hank's surgery was a sucess he told us that Transposition of the Great Arteries in the 1960's had a very high fatality rate. That in the past 40 years there has been a ton of research that has made this defect treatable. It's My Heart is an organization that provides funding for research so that many other hearts can be saved like Hank's!

On the It's My Heart website they offer lots of stories for the different heart defects, to help other families cope during this time.... here is Brennan's Story he had TGA just like Hank.

Derric and I have decided to give back by joining a Walk for It's My Heart February 20th at Allen Parkway in Houston . The cost is only 25.00 we wanted to invite anyone else to join us in honor of Hank. If you are interested leave a comment so we can see how many we will have, it might be best to add a team if we have several people interested. We think this will be a very small way that we can give back for the time being, I plan on getting very involved with this organization in the future.

Want to make a general donation in Hank's Honor but can't make the walk?
Click Here


Anonymous said...

We did the It's My Heart Heartwalk last year & loved it. It is completely geared towards pediatrics and you meet wonderful people there. We would love to walk with you guys in Hank's honor!

Heart Hugs,
Amanda Simpson

The McGrew Crew said...

How neat! We would so be there if we lived a little closer!!

Steffani said...

These walks are incredible to become involved with. My little girl has autism. Since her diagnoses (before she was 2 years old) I've jumped both feet in to finding everything out I can about autism and participating in different organizations --- a big one being Autism Speaks. They have Walk Now for Autism and its an incredible event. It's nation wide and their biggest fundraiser for important research and autism awareness!

I'm proud to walk in honor of my sweet Maddison and I know ya'll are honored to walk for your sweet Hank!

Leslie said...

I went to the web-site but didn't sign up, yet, since I wanted to see if you all put together a team. Let me know! I'm ready to walk/run for Hank!!

Brian and Whitney said...

I think this is an awesome idea and a great cause. I will also challenge Married Life and see if we can get some walkers to join you guys!