Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Family of 3

Dee Howell had 2 more pictures we still hadn't seen that she sent this week.... we love them. This week Hank has been a little fussy again going to drop off another diaper today for the doctor to test, hopefully we will get this under wraps soon, it breaks my heart to see him so uncomfortable. When he feels good he is the best baby in the world, he sleeps AWESOME (he would sleep through the night if we let him... we accidentally let him sleep a little longer than the doctor wanted us to a few times... oops but it felt so good at the same time I have to admit). He will lay in his bed for an hour while I get ready for the day and just kick his little legs and talk looking at his mobile (I watch him from the video monitor of course). He also loves his activity mat and his swing. He is just learning to like the bouncer, and he enjoys laying in his boppy and watching t.v.

Derric of course loves this one of his future aggie!


The Frenches said...

Derric and Samantha, it's Jason and Shanna French (Wranglers '04!). I saw you post your blog on facebook and came to check it out. I am so glad I did as we both received a blessing from reading. We will be praying for 'your family' of 3! Hank is beautiful; God is so good! Thank you for sharing your faith and allowing God to be glorified. May this year be a blessing to you all!

Lauren Zaffos said...

So so cute. Love the family shot. Can you believe that I have a thousand photographer friends and still have not gotten with any of them for family photos?? Way to be on top of things, Sam! Your new family is precious!

At the Beach with Dave and Alicia said...

What a sweet pic of you guys... oh and I LOVE the one of him with the aggie binky!! Hope you guys are doing great! I am coming to TX soon, wanna have a play date??