Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lots of Catching Up To Do!

Hank is just growing like crazy he weighed 9 lbs. and 13 oz. this week! He was having all kinds of gas with the breast milk and now is on the hypoallergenic formula and loving it. He did start having acid reflux like every other baby and their momma, haha! But with a little prevacid each morning we are good to go and one Happy Happy Baby!

Here are a few sweet pictures from this week. He is just now growing out of his newborn clothes so a few of these are me just throwing clothes on top of pjs to see what fits! Hope you enjoy!

Aunt Gabi and Jonathon
Hank listening to me talk, with his pjs I had made out of one of Derric's old college tshirts!

Hank's famous face for when he is trying to talk! He looks like he is singing opera!

Almost smiling....

Love this face... He really looks like an old man here!
Yes, I have an obsession with hats, I will admit it, but at least I am not throwing bows on him...

This was suppossed to be his Christmas outfit but it didn't fit and so now it's his Valentine outfit!

On this day he was all smiles, he had no idea he was fixing to have his little manhood surgery. He did really well with it .... poor lil' man, we had to walk down to grab a coke so we didn't hear his little cry, we felt so bad for him. It really hurt Derric to doctor him when we got home so I had to be Dr. Mom. He got pretty good at letting me put the Neosporin on after a couple of days.

We have had our fair share of doctors visits.... let me tell ya! Monday we went to the Cardiologist Dr. Numan to have his check up after surgery. Here are a few pics.

The nurse took his blood pressure while in his stroller, so he would be calm, so smart!
Align Center
He stayed pretty happy while she took his oxygen levels too!

Just chillin'

Hank remembers doing this everyday in the hospital.... EKG time!
He thinks he will take his paci for this one, he didn't remember Mr. John
like mommy and daddy did so he also wanted to hold Daddy's finger.
Mr. John reading the EKG, Hank had to be very very still for this.

This was actaully a very dark room. I jumped on the bed beside him and fed him a bottle while the ultrasound tech did an ECO on Hank. Dr. Numan came in and looked at it while she was taking it and the doctor said he looked awesome and that we wouldn't have to come back until July. Way to go Hankster, such a big boy with a strong heart!

Mommy always likes to give Hank a good bath after we have been at the doctor's office... Just like to wash the germs away if at all possible.

He fits into the tub better now.
Just checking it out.

Hank has really started to recognize Derric and Me. From across the room he can catch a glimpse of me and lock his eyes, it's so sweet.

He is also grabbing things like my necklace at most feedings and my tshirt, but we have been working with him on holding his toys and shaking his rattle. He does pretty good then just gets bored and throws it down.

We bought a black and white book this week at Target that he loves to look at the pictures. Derric says the bullseye is his favorite picture, but I told him I think it's because we go to Target too much, but Derric thinks it's because he's gonna be such a great deer hunter. We will just have to wait and see....

Goodnight Hank!


Kari Ransom said...

He looks like a completely different boy!! He's so gosh darn cute!!! How do you not just kiss on that all day!!! oh wait - you do!! :)

At the Beach with Dave and Alicia said...

I can't get over how adorable he is!!! I can't wait to meet him in person!!! I will be in Houston this April... let's do a Grandma/Mommy/Baby Boy play date!! Maybe OUR grandma's can come too??!! Let's book it girl!! Love you guys!