Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Busy Week

So I was told that lots of people are still checking our blog daily and are disappointed when I don't blog at least every other day so Tammy this one is for you girl!

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We have a very busy week this week. Yesterday Hank had a doctor's appointment in The Woodlands for his 2 month check up..... but we didn't wake up early enough so we were going to be 20 mins late and they told us to reschedule. That was fine with me because we had a Synagis Shot (RSV) appointment at the same office on Wednesday and I asked from the beginning if we could have those appointments back to back, but they originally told me the doctor wouldn't be in on Wednesday but conveniently he will be now! We also have a Urologist follow up today which is downtown, the appointment itself is easy to go to, but lugging the stroller through this HUGE medical center, parking in parking garages, and just trying to know where to go is the hardest part so I have asked my husband to join me for just this one. He is such a wonderful dad, and he knows I could do it if I needed to but he doesn't even give me a hard time about it, he knows I would like the help and he graciously just goes with the flow! I am one lucky girl.

Here is a fun picture of Hank trying to wear his big boy clothes 0-3 months still a little big but he is growing into them. He also got to wear his Sperry's, so they fell off a couple of times but they were still very cute... won't be long til they fit snug.

These were from last week.
Hank trying to tell me something.
All Smiles.

Happy Hank
This is bedtime, Hank in his Nap Nanny (an elevated comfy chair for sleeping)

He is watching Ocean Wonders on the ceiling, he loves that Christmas present from his Gramms!


The Townsend's said...

Hey Sam! I love seeing all the pictures of cute little Hank! :) I've been going to the med center at least once a week everyday for the past month so I hear ya there on how hard it is getting around (and I'm going solo without a baby and all their stuff)! Smart thing bringing along the hubby. :)

Jenn said...

I love seeing the pics of Hank. He is adorable. And I really love the music on your blog too. I am attending the Helping Hank scrapbook crop in March. Stay strong. You have no idea how many people are thinking about you and praying for you every day. Never forget how your story has touched others!

Anonymous said...

Let me know f you get this

Patsy said...

Sam: I am a friend of your mother-in-law, Jana. Ashley George Arrington was actually the one who had us all praying for Hank (she posted on Facebook!). Ashley told me about your website. I check it every few days. I cry everytime I read it, as it is such a miracle! I hate that you and Derric have had to go through all this, at such a young age, but WOW! Look at the outcome! You have a wonderful son and such a wonderful testimony!! What a wonderful way to display God's glory!

Thanks so much for sharing your stories and pictures!

Patsy Tschudy, yes--I keep Kyle updated!

Kimberly Pryor said...


I really enjoy following your blog and your little miracle. My cousin Rachel had a similar heart condition when she was born. She is now 13 and very healthy. Your baby is precious. Thank you for sharing your story with us.


Lindsey Ewers said...

Stopped by. Glad to see things are going so incredibly well. Many congrats on a beautiful family Sam. All the best.

Put our baby's blog below. My blog is NO WHERE NEAR yours, but thought i'd share. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Still waiting on a new post. It is Thursday morning and I am checking it ou. Tam

Tara said...

Love your blog, sweet girl. It's been my goal to post something once a month and I'm BEHIND! You are an amazing mother, wife, person in general. Just wanted to give you a little love. Hank is so precious! He's growing so fast. I love the pictures.

Hope things continue to go well.