Monday, February 8, 2010

A Great Weekend

On Saturday Hank went to see Noni, Trista, and Tammy..... Derric and I had a funeral so he stayed with them and played all morning! He had a great time and can't wait
to see them again real soon.

He is waving haha!

His sweet cheeks are really getting full.

This toy in the middle Hank loves, he like to grab it swing the rattle around,

it's really cute to watch him learn to do new things!

Mommy, Trista and Hank

He is really starting to smile.

We went to The Lamb house on Sunday.
My sister Ricki came into town from Florida this week and got to meet Hank for the very first time on Sunday. She gave him a bottle and rocked him and cuddled up, she was in Heaven! Hank also had a lot of fun with Aunt Stevi (my other sister) and his cousins Paxton and Reid. Oh yeah... and. there was this pretty small game on t.v. called The Super Bowl. I didn't really watch it though, I just ate all the yummy food and played with Hank.

Ricki and Hank

Sleepy Hank

Stevi and Morty

Me and Derric
Gammi (Stevi and Ricki's Mom) and Reiders
Bret and Pax
Steven and Ricardo

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