Monday, February 22, 2010

Truly Blessed

Derric and I are astonished by the love and support we have been given since Hank's birth. Last week Derric's very good friends from church softball planned a fundraiser for Hank. Our church has 5 teams and each team brought different things to make Hamburgers and all the fixings. They sold tickets at the game,and the park turned their grill off to help us out. It was a hit! Stephen one of Derric's teammates even raffled off a bat and gave us that also. We still have no idea what our total bills are but we know that we are taken care of by the King. We are hoping that we can give back to others in need if we have anything extra. We are truly blessed, here are some pictures of the event.

PJ's Softball Park

Food that all the teams donated to sell tickets for dinner.

Mike, Lloyd, Big Derric, and Little Derek

Kenny selling raffle tickets for the bat.

Stephen, Me, Derric, and the Raffle winner.

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