Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Meet Kate, this precious little girl has brain cancer. Please pray for Kate today! At 11:30 this morning she will receive her own stem cells back. Pray for no complications and most of all that God will completely heal her!! Go to her website to learn about her amazing story that her parents tell so beautifully.

Kate with therapy dog!

Kate with Tiger a few days after surgery!
Kate doing breathing exercises by blowing bubbles to a therapy dog

Beautiful Kate!


Anonymous said...

For this child I have prayed...
I Samuel 1:27

Steffani said...

Praying for this precious girl!

.... I had to catch up on all your blogs. Hank is so stinkin' adorable! All his pictures are so cute!! And you're so crafty ( to say the least!) Rub some of that off on me :) I will have to enlist your help when my husband comes back from Afghanistan to do some crafty stuff.. posters.. shirts etc! ... we've got a long while until then though. reading all your posts and I watched the video .. it was great! We did a video about Maddie too. It's amazing how God can take such an unplanned, "bad" situation and shine his love through the cracks.