Monday, February 8, 2010

2 Months of Blessings

He really kicked these over.

Happy Birthday Hank, 2 months old already!

I made him this cake today, of course it's really for myself, haha!

I love to dress him up and just take a ton of pictures of him.

I got this email today... please read.

hello, my dear. i look at your precious pix often and marvel at babie's progress! i first received the email from a friend in houston. as i looked today, i realized little hank was born the day my niece passed away in houston, after a 69 day battle with swine flu. she was 7 months pregnant when she was admitted, had a c section, 3lb. precious baby girl, totally healthy! she never got to hold or even see her baby. but god had a plan, altho we don't understand it now. it's been very hard for her mom, but she has little baby corbyn to love now. it's strange, how as one life ended that day, another was started, your little hank! please know how much it means for us, who pray, to see your little blessing. thank you for the updates. he's the most precious little darling. enjoy him.....from my home to yours......jeanie

This is so touching to us, we have never met Jeanie, she must have gotten a prayer request like so many others and followed our blog. God has used Hank's Journey to touch so many people. We have received many stories like this via email, snail mail, phone calls, through friends etc. We are truly blessed to watch God's Hand work through us.

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Emily said...

Those pics are adorable. That's a great idea to use the blocks...if I thought Annabel would sit still enough for it, I'd steal the idea! :)
Also that letter is awesome. God does have a plan, He is holy! What a great story.

Kari Ransom said...

LOL! Sock monkey! Who says boys can't play dress up! You go girl!! It was soooo good to see you tonight girl! you are amazing and look amazing too! keep it up!

Loretta Machann said...