Monday, February 15, 2010

Roses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink!

Happy Valentines Day

Hunk a burning love.
Hank and his Valentine Basket!
Hank got a few little things for Valentines Day...
He got 3 books, a Farm House and Puppy Dog from PB, and a Taggies Camera!

I love the book Roses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink, a darling book!
We are also looking forward to start working with Hank on sign language.
Hank loves to listen to his mommy read to him.
all ears...
I made Hank's Paci Holder for Valentines.

I left up the two topiaries after Christmas and put hearts on them for Vday.
Hank loves to look at the lights!
We got so many sweet cards in the mail for Hank's 1st Valentines Day.

My friend Loretta started this little tradition and I copied her. I bought a little mailbox some blank cards and we watched the magic begin. Derric and I wrote sweet cards to each other and even some from Hank to each other. It was really cute to watch to see if the flag was raised with mail for one another. Aunt Jennifer, Gramms, and Taylor even got a little mail this week!
Dear Daddy-
I love you, I can't wait to grow big and play catch with you.

I made this little gift for Derric for Valentines day, it is filled with Gumballs.

Derric has always said this saying...
Our Valentine Kitchen Table

Derric brought these roses home on Sunday.

Hank and I went outside to watch Derric take down the Christmas lights! We have been so busy we literally haven't had a free weekend to do it.

Hank and I got new glasses, mine were my Valentine gift from the hubby!
Oh yes, and I am now a brunette!
Hope you all had a super weekend, please leave us comments so we know you stopped by!


crogers331 said...

Love the hair. It looks really good.
Baby Hank looks adorable as usual and looks soooo cool in the sunglasses.

Hugs and Kisses

Steve-n-Angela said...

hi Samantha!
I have been following your blog, found it on Kelly's blog. Hank is adorable!! As you may know my son endured heart surgery last Monday but, did not make it. his condition was one of the worser CHDs, I am happy to know that hank is donig so great!
Your family is beautiful!


Mom said...

Hey Sam,
Love the Valentine awesome. Where are the pics of Derric...I love the sunglasses!
Hugs & Kisses

Anonymous said...

Hey, Sam. It took me awhile to figure out who the 2 people were in sunglasses...I thought it was movie stars! With your new hair color and glasses you and Hank were pretty cool looking and gorgeous! Keep up the pics!

xoxoxox Noni

Cathy said...

I meant to tell you-I love the sunglasses :)

Love you,