Thursday, December 17, 2009

THE BIG DAY!! Day 9 12/17/09

Derric and I went back to see Hank around 7:15 this morning. He was sleeping so soundly and peacefully. He had gotten 2 sterile baths within the last 5 hours so we couldn't touch him very much but we talked to him and prayed over him and told him he only needs to remember 2 things.... How to Breath and EAT! I told him not to worry because I was going to be doing all of that for the entire family, so he could just relax and get better really soon. We know that the Lord has control of this whole situation and that His timing is perfect. We pray that Hank's broken heart today is restored! We lift him up to Jesus today, and we praise God for this mighty testimony our family is going to be able to share.

Your prayers are greatly appreciated. Please forward our blog on to the prayer warriors you know that will join us in lifting him up today!


Dr. Douglas just came back to introduce himself to us, they are getting started now it is 9:15 and he said "this is a big operation, and when it goes well the longterm outlook is outstanding, but there are lots of risks". He was very nice and said he was feeling good about it so.... KEEP THE PRAYERS COMING!!!!


Beth the surgeons nurse called us at 10:15 to let us know that he had started the surgery, that he was open and they were putting him on the hart and lung machine!! Derric came down from his new ICU room with and told us he was going to be in room #13. This is so cool for us becasue Baby Jayden's family's lucky number is #13. We are pumped and can't wait for ther next update. We are waiting in the waiting area for all the updates we have lots of food brought for us and lots of family and friends for Love and Support!
When I walked to the restroom I overheard a lady crying in the hall way, the Lord totally convicted me to pray with her, Her name is Sherry and she was upset about her finances andher grandchildren were just taken from her. I waited until she got off the phone and asked if I could pray with her. I told her that I had been shown so much love and support that I wanted to lift her up and pray for her. I introdcued myself, and told her that my baby was in surgery this morning and that I knew the pain she was feeling and that I felt compelled to love on her. It was such a blessing! Another lady even stopped in the hall and prayed scripture over us! It was so COOL!


Beth came in for another update and told us that Hank has been on the heart and lung machine for the past 30 minutes, and they has separated the two main arteries from the heart and will do the coronary arteries next. This is the most critical part of the surgery the coronary arteries are about one millimeter big. The surgeon told us the other day that there are not many things in life that have to be perfect but this part of the surgery is one of those things. Pray for steady hands and minds for Dr. Douglas.


Beth came down and told us they just finished repairing the VSD which stands for Ventricular Septal Defect which is a very common defect which is a hole between his left and right ventrical. They are going to start now on the coronary arteries next. Please pray now for the steady hands.... He is doing great so far!


Beth just came down and told us that reattachment of the coronary arteries went great! They are working on reattaching the pumonary artery next then they will take him off the heart and lung machine. He will go into his room about an hour after surgery


Beth said everything is attached they took him off the heart and lung machine and his heart started up great. He does have a irregular heart beat and have him on a pacemaker right now. She says it is common and we just have to wait and see if his heart picks up a regular heart beat. She told us that only 5% of babies have to have a permanent pacemaker. Overall, they are very happy with the way the surgery turned out. We praise God for a successful surgery!!! They are going to leave his chest open in case any complications arise in the next few days. Please pray for quick healing and no infections.


The doctor's just came in and told us HE IS GREAT!!!!! Praise God we are tickled to death. He is on his way to his room now. We will continue to give updates everyday. They are going to leave his chest open for the next few days, so it is still very critical keep ya posted!!


So.... we thought we were done for the night but the surgeon just called us out to meet with him and he told us that there is oozing, and that they wanted to go back with the OR Team and find the hole and sew it or clott it. Please continue to pray for this tiny helpless baby.

Thanks for your prayers and support!

-Hank's Mommy

Here are a few pictures from last night, we spent lots of time with him!


Kari said...

Sam & Derric,
As I sit at my desk today thinking and praying for you all I pray that the Lord will watch over not only Hank but you two as well. I am humbled by your strength and faith. We are never dealt more than we can handle. I know the Harughty's will emerge from this a strong, healthy and very happy family.

love you,
Your Friend and Fellow Mommy Kari

Anonymous said...

First Baptist Bryan, Texas is praying for you and Hank today. We pray strength and courage for your family. May God direct the hands of the surgeon today such that His perfect will be done. Big hugs from your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ!

thinblakely said...

My sister Molly Garibaldi (from How to Pray Cards) sent me the link to your blog and I am so touched. I just wanted you to know that even people you don't know way out in California are praying for your sweet, sweet Hank and asking the Lord for a safe and successful procedure.

"But You, O Lord, are a God full of compassion, and gracious, longsuffering and abundant in mercy and truth." Psalm 86:15

I pray for God's mercy to be on your baby today! Much love from California.

Ashley said...

What precious moments with him! You are going to be so thankful that you have this blog to document everything and look back on! He is absolutely adorable - yall made one handsome little boy ;) PRAYING ALL DAY...

The Ruples said...

We are praying for the surgeons to have steady hands and clear minds. Also asking the Lord to wrap his arms around your entire family so that you can feel His peace. Remember that God is in control, and loves that little boy more than even you do (hard to imagine- isn't it?!).
Lots of Love- The Ruples

The Knowles and White Family said...

We are praying on our knees and always in our hearts for beautiful baby Hank, you guys and the doctors! "For we are fearfully and wonderfully made". God knows EVERY hair on Hank's head and every inch of the doctor's steady hand. He has GREAT things in store for Hank and for your family. What a lucky little boy to be in your family and to be SO LOVED by your extended family and friends.

Love you so much!

Sisco Family said...

you guys don't know me... i'm a friend of alicia's! i've been praying for baby hank and for you two as you wait and see and hear. our baby, caleb, was in the same spot almost three years ago... he had his heart surgery on the 27th of dec. i know your anxious thoughts and i know God's healing hand... his ways are perfect. your love for Christ is evident and He will do so much with that! stay strong... you are surrounded in prayer... hank is so handsome,
mandy sisco

Sunny said...

Sam and Derric,
As I read through the lines from this morning I started to cry and pray! I prayed for the strength of little Hank, the Doctors and for you guys to be strong through this situation. I can't even imagine what you are going through b/c when I had Reese and they had to put her under the lights for the bilirubin I went crazy crying. I was hysterical. My thoughts and prayers are with you and I know baby Hank is going to be a strong little guy. Much love.
Sunny Kim (Hart)

Shannon K. said...


I was the photographer that was on maternity leave when you inquired about pictures over a year ago and just saw found your blog via facebook. I just am praying so hard for Baby Hank!! What a precious baby and obviously so loved. Gods blessings to your family and little hank!

J said...

Praise the Lord! I am a friend of Haley and Lauren's and I have been lifting you and your precious boy to the Lord all day!! I will continue to pray!

Dunn Family said...

We have been looking in all day on Hank's progress. Faith, Family, and Friends are going to guide you through this rough beginning. It will make you stronger parents than you already knew you were.

Your family will be constantly in our thoughts.

Chris, Erin, and Dalton Dunn

Anonymous said...

You and your husband are very strong. My heart breaks for you! I admire your strength and faith in the Lord.
My prayers to your little Man Hank. He is just too cute!

Phyllis said...

Samantha and Derric,
I worship with you at Stonebridge and am on the prayer team. Our granddaughter was born in Sept with a severely defective heart. She had one surgery at 5 days and will have a second one in Jan or Feb. So I know a little of what you are going through. God is faithful and your faith in Him is shining through this difficult time. I continue to lift up Hank and both of you.

Phyllis Chandler

Emily said...

I'm loving y'all's testimony. Been praying for Hank all week. He really is handsome!

Anonymous said...

We are praying for ya'll and really appreciate all the updates. Hank is so adorable. I know you are completely ready to show him off. It won't be long!! Please let us know if there is anything we can do!

You are on our prayer list and we are praying specifically based on the updates.

Michelle Larson

Meghan said...

I just love love that top pic of those cute little feet!!