Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy 2 Week Birthday Hank 12/22/09

Well we didn't bust out with the party this week, but we did have a good day.

Hank got a mobile above his crib and we just found out that we are being moved to STEP DOWN!!! That is the room which we will go home from! Hank has made great progress, he is down to 3 IV's and he just has a chest tube (which should come out tomorrow), a little oxygen line under his nose, and a nasal drip that feeds him his mommy's milk.

The doctor mentioned there is a CHANCE we could go home by Christmas if all goes well with his feedings. Babies associate the breathing tube as a bad thing in their mouth and it is very common for them to have no interest in things entering their mouth after the breathing tube is removed so..... he wasn't having his pacifier yesterday but we got him to like it today. Occupational Therpay will come by tomorrow and try to introduce the bottle again so..... we are praying it goes smoothly so we can go home as soon as he is eating again.

We were anticipating to be here for 4-6 weeks after surgery so this is truly a miracle, but we aren't getting our hopes up! Just taking it one day at a time!

We are so blessed to have such a strong little boy! We are so excited to be home really soon!


Melissa Stewart said...

Praise God! Yes, what a miracle. WOW. I am in awe of the blessings of God upon your son. Just thinking of what God has done in just 2 short weeks, and they are already talking going home! We'll keep believing and expecting for great reports.

Anonymous said...

that is soo great samantha!! Love following how well he's doing and seeing the pics. thanks for posting so we can keep up with his great progress. Praying he will continue to improve and eat!! nancy

Anonymous said...

Home by Christmas!! What GREAT Christmas Miracle!! Way to go Baby Hank!!!!! Really, I want to come meet this little one sometime! Call me when you do get to come home and I'll come by to see you guys! (281)924-2199 Love you all! -Katie (Johnson) Phillips

Michelle said...

Wow...he's making great progress. Hank is such the little fighter. It will be great to have him at home...soon!

Michelle Weaver (NICU)

Anonymous said...

Hello Derric, Samantha & sweet Hank -

I knew God would carry you all through these very heavy days. He now walks beside you, ready if the weight becomes too much. I am so very happy that all is going well & Hank looks so beautiful. My prayers remain with you all & that you are all home together as soon as Hank is strong enough.

Samantha, as I told you before you left MHTW - how much you touched my heart, your family has been in my thoughts & prayers daily since you left. I also want to say THANK YOU for the beautiful flowers you left me. What a beautiful & selfless women you are, to think of others at a time when you were going through so much.
It was an honor & a pleasure to care for you & your family while at MHTW. Please tell your Mom (Grandma) that I send my love to her as well.
God Bless you all & Enjoy EVER moment of Hank's Life! Our children are the most precious gift that God could give us...
My Love- ;-Denise Armstrong, (Postpartum 7p-7a)

Just Us said...

Wow Sam, you are Derric are so strong. I am so sorry about everything that you guys have been through in just 2 short weeks- although I am sure this has seemed like an eternity for ya'll. Hank is beautiful and I agree with the doctor- so blessed to have a mommy and daddy like you both! I cannot wait to meet Derric and Hank for the first time, and hopefully it will be sooner rather than later! Trav and I will continue to pray for strength and healing for ya'll and we wish you guys the Merriest Christmas ever!

Love you

Phyllis said...

You are all in my prayers.

Michelle said...

Hi Derric and Samantha! You don't know me, but two members of our small group Bible study asked us to pray for Baby Hank last week, and we have been faithfully praying ever since! It is so wonderful to hear of his progress and I just want you to know that we have spread the word, and literally, there are people praying for you and your baby all over the world. God is faithful to provide, and his provision is plentiful!
If there is anything you need, please let us know as we're right here in Montgomery. We're hoping that Hank can spend his first Christmas at home! But even if that is not in the plan, we know that you will all have an amazing Christmas together this year!
Blessings to all of you!
Michelle Irving

Natalie Powers said...

Derric and Samantha -

I went to high school with both of you and you most likely don't remember me, but I stumbled upon your blog today and had no idea how recent this all was. I am praying so much for you both and baby Hank. I have to say, he is beautiful!!!! God be with you!


Natalie Schillaci Powers

Anonymous said...

I was so happy to get the card, I was thinking about him and praying forhim, I came down there to see himm twice, I am so glad he is doing very well. It was nice meeting you guys & nice taking care of your little one
Nurse Preetha