Thursday, December 10, 2009

We Love You Baby Hank

On Monday, December 7th at 8pm we checked into the hospital and waited for our doctor to get this PARTY started. I was 41 weeks you know and itching to have this baby since at 35 weeks my doctor said "any day now". We had a birth plan, and we wanted to do everything possible to make each decision with education and knowledge from what we had researched and learned about our new little baby boy! By 4 am Tuesday morning I was kicking for an epidural and by 9am my doctor broke my water. At that time she noticed that our little stinker had a little micomnium (poopy) in the womb so we were going to need the NICU nurses standing by to suction out any of that around that baby's mouth or nose to make sure he didn't inhale any of it with his first big breath of life. So around 7 p.m my doctor suggested we do a c section because I was stuck at 5 cm dilated and she didn't want me to be in labor longer than I had already been. We trusted her judgment and the wheels started turning FAST! As I realized what I had just said and signed up for I started freaking out in my head and felt a little nauseous.

Hank Von Harughty was born at 7:45 weighing 7 lbs 10 oz and was 20 1/4 inches long! He was so handsome. I got to hold him in recovery and check him out, then the NICU nurses wanted to finish suctioning him and caring for him for a little bit before he came to our room. This is the beginning of Hank's Story...

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