Friday, December 4, 2009

Sweet Friends and Sweet Treats

So I just wanted to brag on our sweet friends The Bergeron's for setting up food for us after we come home with the baby! Julie has even set up an online Care Calendar check it out it is so cool.....

Care Calendar login is:27862 security code:8134

To sign up all you do is click on the word Meal and type in what you want to bring, that way people know they are not duplicating. So cool. We are having people come every other day so we dont' have way too much since it will just be the two of us, and any help that is around.

We are so thankful for our sweet friends!

Also I know these pictures aren't the best but I made Hank and his little cousin Heath who will be born 2 days after Hank these precious little bottles of Hand Sanitizer for the hospital and for when they have visitors at their homes, to keep our babies from getting sick. Then I decided I wanted to do something little for my OBYN's Office Staff and Nurses so I made these and dropped them off at my last appointment yesterday!

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The McGrew Crew said...

Anxiously waiting to hear of Hank's arrival and praying for you guys as you prepare to meet your sweet boy!