Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 10 12/18/09

So everyone says the big anticipation is the surery, but now walking through this I know that, it's untrue! Yes the surgery was a major part of this but as Dr. Tsai spoke with us last night, he told us he and Dr. Douglas can control every little thing in the Operating Room as Hank was hooked up to the bypass machine (aka the heart and lung machine) but what they cannot control is Hank's body reacting to the medications and alterations that have taken place in his body.

This is a 10 day old baby that just had lots of changes made in his body. Last night when Derric and I went to see him in his room for the first time it was pretty scary. He looked fine, we had prepared ourselves for what he was going to look like through people we have met who shared their children's stories with us. He was a little more pale than I thought he would look, his eyes had been taped shut from the surgery because they have paralyized him and they said his eyes would have remained open then been very dry so as a mommy as asked can you please put some saline in his eyes... they were a little crusted over like sleepy eye! So they jumped right on that. His chest was open with a clear saran wrap placed over the hole. You could actually see his heart pumping. Derric doesn't deal with blood well so he didn't look the first time we went in. His body has about 10-15 different IV lines going through him pumping him with fluids like, antibiotics, pain medication, lasiks (to make him urinate), etc.... they had a blanket over him because he was cold but he is on a Pace Maker for now until he has a normal heat beat. Our prayer for him right now is to first and foremost get the normal ryhthm of his heart beat back . If that doens't happen by this morning when the doctors make their rounds they will start him on steroids which should help his rhythm. If not... there is always the option of a pace maker but that would limit his activites long term and the doctor does not want that to happen.

As we sat in the back of the room all the nurses started to get a little anxious they were making facial expressions to one another and hollaring out numbers, and codes, and all this stuff that was making me a nervous wreck! So I yelled out is everything okay after I sat back and watched for a good 3 minutes, they said he was fine so I asked Derric if we could step out until they were done doing whatever it was they needed to do. One of the nurses came out and told us that they were just going to be playing the ICU Dance for a while which means.... when his blood pressure goes up they turn his meds down, when the blood pressure goes down that the blood pressure meds goes up. Until they learn what his body needs they would be playing with that. Hank required a very little amount last night of blood pressure medicine so it made him start this rollercoaster effect. They said that is to be expected coming out of such a major surgery.

Gabi had already fed us all chili so I was getting tired from the long day and decided to lay down for a while around 9:30 or 10:00. I eneded up just sleeping until I pumped again at 4:00 and then I went to see him again. His nurse Patrick was dancing when Derric and I came in the room which was pretty funny to walk up on someone doing something like that AWK-WARD haha!

So anyway, Patrick was the nurse that said he looked ok much better from last night. We talked to Hank for a minute, he's really just laying there asleep but Derric and I want him just to since subconcously that we are there if that is at all possible if not it makes us feel better anyway! We hung out for about 20 mins, it's a hard place to be right now. After is chest is closed and breathing tube is out we will feel better and more comfortable in the room, but it is VERY OVERWHELMING, he does look different and even though he is on amnesia medication and we know he cannot feel any of this you can't help but feel broken hearted for the poor baby boy.

I just finished pumping again so I guess I will grab something to put in my empty stomach and go see him again. We will keep you posted please do not stop praying these are the most criticial days we are currently facing it is minute by minute. We love you all your comments at the bottom of each post give us so much support we love to read them please keep them coming with your prayers and all the small groups, churchs, and organizations from Florida to California we are so thankful for each and every prayer! God is going to show up in a BIG WAY for Hank and we can't wait to one day share this all with him.

So this morning his nurse is Kristen, she has been great to work with. She said that he is having a good morning. His blood pressure is doing a little better. She said if the fluids come down then they might even try to sew his chest shut tomorrow if he has a good day today. Then we just want to focus next on the rhythm of his heart. They say with all the changes that Hanks body has been through his body now just has to figure it all out!

We got to put some precious little socks on him today!

Derric talked to Kristin to figure out his numbers and what to look for on all the machines!

We started to decorate his room with all of our cards Christmas and Congrats Cards!

Here is a picture of Hank waking up and responding to Derric and my voice.

Here is another picture of him with all his IV lines, he currently has 13. He also has a breathing tube and he is still on the pace maker.

The Harughty Family
Hank loves his Mommy to read to him!

We have been spoiled by all the gifts and gift cards from lots of friends and family

Love you all-

Hank's Mommy

Here is a picture of Hank this past week... He's so cute!


dee howell said...

Hey guys we are out of town right now but have tasty treats on the way when we get back. We are all praying even Kinsey. Love you guys. Dee Chris and Kinsey

Kathleen said...

Hi Sam, Derric and Hank, we are all praying for you and a speedy recovery so you are able to go home with your Mom and Dad and the rest of your family and friend that love you so very much.

My entire church sat and prayed for you on Sunday and we will again this Sunday and will everyday until you are better, and then everyday after that to ensure you have a wonderful, healthy life, and to ensure that God will lift you up in this storm and forever.

We love you although we haven't met you, we know you have the best parents in the world, who are so blessed to have you in their life. God does not give us what we can not handle and you are a gift.

Sam and Derric we know we can't be there with you, but if there is anything we can do, please let us know and we would be happy to help.

Lots of love, thinking of you all....

God Bless

Kathleen, Rob and Owen Eisler

Sisco Family said...

thank you for your continued provision in the life of these friends in Christ. we know that you are always in control even when our world is turned upside down. i praise your name for a successful surgery because big prayers deserve big praise... you are to be praised!!! i ask for peace and wisdom for mommy and daddy and strength and determination for sweet, baby hank. we know that you have the power to take what the enemy means for evil and have it glorify your name. may that be the case in the lives of these sweet people!

in jesus healing name,

Steffani said...

Father God,
I lift Hank up to you today as he is recovering from surgery. Lord, I pray you protect hit little body from any infections, you heal his heart and he would have a perfect beating heart! I pray for all the doctors and nurses who are helping him, I pray its not their hands working on him, but yours. Lord, I ask you to protect this baby boy and let him recover so perfectly that only you could have made it happen. Please be with Samantha and Derric, give them peace and a calm during this storm. Comfort their anxiousness, settle their worries. Let them feel a peace that your timing is perfect.
In Jesus name,

Kari said...

Stay strong my friend! Hank is going to pull through like a champ and you two will be skipping along next summer! (Really I see it already!!)

Kari R.

The Townsend's said...

Sam, know that so many are praying for you and Derric and of course your precious little baby Hank. Hank will not remember all that he's been through on these days but he WILL feel the love that he received from his family. God is watching over your entire family and keeping all of you strong, especially Hank!
Lots of love,

The Leavins said...

We are praying for little Hank and for you, Sam and Derric. Your strength is amazing and it is so incredible to witness God's grace through the life of this little baby boy. I checked the blog multiple times yesterday anxiously awaiting the update. Praise God the surgery went well! We will continue to pray for a full recovery for little Hank and for "peace that passes all understanding" for you. He is absolutely precious and God has GREAT plans for this little guy. Prayers are being lifted around the world and we will not grow weary; we will hang in there with you! We have never met but our family is friends with yours; nonetheless, you are in our hearts and minds during this time. Blessings to you all!

Chris and Jessica Leavins

Bridgetta Paris said...

What a precious little boy. We have little Hank in our prayers, along with all your families. Stay strong, the Lord will see you through.

John and Emilee Keith said...

I have told my mom about little Hank, so they are praying for you guys in Boerne, Tx too! Thanks for keeping us updated. Praying for ya'll.

The McAdams' said...

Samantha, thanks for the updates..our prayers are with you, Derric and Hank. It will be nice when he is home and this is all a distant memory! Hugs, Linda McAdams (Lindsey's mom)

Melissa-D said...

We are praying for you guys!

Brian and Whitney said...

Derek and Samantha,
We are praying for you!! Emily and Joshua have been asking how Baby Hank is doing and praying for him too! Brian prayed for Hank in the lower school chapel services last week and told the kids about him. There are many teachers and students at the TWCA praying too. I'm jeolous I didn't get to come Brian to meet Hank the other day but looking foward to meeting him really soon! Joshua says, "Take care of Baby Hank." Emily says, "I hope Baby Hank gets better really soon!" Love you guys!

Whitney and Brian
Emily and Joshua

apulling said...

Sam and Derric,

My friends in family here in Louisiana are praying for you too! I think of yall often and Payton and I pray for yall every night. I hope one day Hank and Payton can meet! You know Zach is younger than me maybe we could set them up ha!

Love you guys!

Tharp Family said...

Hey guys,
We are praying for you and baby Hank. Wow, God does like to show us he is in control doesn't he? Just keep the faith, and know he made Hank just the way he is for a reason!
I have a friend that is a nurse there, her name is Ashley, so if you see her say hi, she is a great nurse! She can't tell me anything, except the days she works, but she was there on the day he had surgery.

We will come see you guys after Christmas!
Kim & Teague Tharp

Natalie Jager said...

Hi Samantha & Derric,

I am Natalie Jager from San Diego- Fred Childers is my brother. I'm following baby Hank's updates and my husband and I are praying as are my church and extended family. Jeremiah 29:11- I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to propser you and not to harm you, to give you a future and a hope." We serve an awesome God and he holds Hank in His righteous right hand!

In our prayers,

Natalie & Todd Jager

Angela Hinton said...

Hi Derric and Samantha. We have been praying for you and Hank. Thank you for taking the time to update us. I know this has all been a shock. You are doing amazing. I am praying for God's continued strength for you and healing for Hank. Take care of yourselves, Hank needs you rested and healthy. If you need anything, please have someone post it and we will do what we can. We look forward to meeting Hank at church. He is beautiful!!!!

Angela Hinton

Jen-Jen said...

Hey Derric, Sam and Hank-
We are praying for you non-stop! I can not imagine what you are going through but i know that God is going to give you the strength, peace and patience to see this through and I just pray that God shows his power. I know He is holding Hank right now and that there is no better place for him to be. He is beautiful by the way! Seriously the cutest new born ever! Love, Jen and Ryan Jasper

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam and Derric, I am Julie's sister, Emily. I have met you guys a few times and I heard about your precious baby boy. I just wanted you both to know, that I have been praying for Hank and ya'll. I cant even imagine what ya'll are going through. But from reading all your posting, Seems that God is being glorified throughout all of this. He is so precious. What a beautiful little miracle you guys have been blessed with. Have a very Merry Christmas. Prayers will continue. God bless you both.
Love, Emily Johns