Monday, December 28, 2009

There's no place like home for the holidays.... Day 18 12/26/09

Derric holding hank with NO MORE IV'S!

So I have been slacking on my blog due to all the snuggling with my sweet baby boy! We were able to go home with Hank the day after Christmas. We were so tickled to walk out of that hopsital. It was the BEST feeling in the world. Dr. Douglas came in and took out his final IV in his groin, unhooked his leads that gave us all of his numbers for his heartbeat, blood pressure, etc! When all of the cords where pulled away from him, we could finally snuggle up soooooo close!

It felt like a house was lifted off our shoulders. Hank had to have a final EKG before we left to make sure everything in his heart looked good before we left! We ran to Cathy and Chris' where we had been satying since the Condo was vandalised while we where there not sure I ever mentioned that! Yes, you heard me, while we were staying at the condo someone kicked a window in by the front door! Scary huh? So we moved that same day to Cathy and Chris Esteps house (about 10 mins from med center), which at this point we were just keeping our stuff there and needing a place to shower and change clothes, because Hank was able to breastfeed again so we were sleeping in his room with him.

Hank loved riding in the car!

Finally at home our other little business!

Hank alsoloved his swing and looking at the Christmas lights!

When we got home Derric tour Hank on a grand tour, he showed him every room and talked to him about what to do in each room. In this office Derric took Hank to his Texas A&M diploma and told him if he studied really hard and did all of his homework, he might get to go there someday like daddy did! Gig Em'

We are going to do Christmas presents in the morning, Santa Claus is coming!


Meghan said...

Cute post!
Glad Hank is home!

Angela Hinton said...

Congratulations!!! I am so glad he did so well. What a blessing to finally have him home. We are so happy for you guys. If you bring him to College Station to show him the university, be sure to stop by and say hello.